Villa Buonincontro

" Everyone had a unforgettable time – I can’t tell you how many people complimented the charm of the facility.  It was truly unique.  Having the deck is such an extraordinary bonus. I loved the night sky against the fields and the whiskey barrels for cocktail tables what a perfect touch! Everyone had the feeling of being outdoors where they could all mingle freely. Everyone had an amazing time and raved about the Barn and what a fabulous job you guys did from the food to the drinks to the decor.  Thank you again!"

The first wedding at Villa Buonincontro was held in June of 2006. Tony & Mandi had opened their doors to over 400 guests of whom had no idea this would be a wedding that was talked of for years to come.

"The place you have been dreaming of does exist and the possibilities are endless"